18 Mei 2024

Travel to Singapore might be a low budget trip, because its foods and attraction are inexpensive. But, in fact, most of travelers spend too much money on their holiday because they’re not set their plan first.

Here we will share you about travel tips when you go to Singapore. Let’s check it out!

Apply for your tourist visa a month in advance
Make sure that your visa application completed and approved while planning a holiday overseas. Actually, getting a tourist visa in Singapore is easier and doesn’t take much time like the other places.

Stay at hotel or hostel nearby your desired places/attractions
Choose hotel on the Havelock Road that is closer to the metro station. So you can go anywhere anytime easily. If you book there, you can go to Clarke Quay as well.

Follow the regulations
Please read the do’s and don’ts before you visit a place. In Singapore, smoking in public places is strictly prohibited. Same regulation applied if you chew a gum in public. Yes, it’s prohibited too. If you still do that, you will get a heavy fine or they will put you behind the bars.

Eat local
There are plenty local foods that taste so good and cheap, of course. Go try kaya toast, toasted bread spread with a kaya jam. Find it at Keong Saik Road. Or for tummy filler, try nasi lemak at Clementi Road, near SIM University Singapore, a pretty famous and Top Business University Singapore.

Carry minimal valuables and wear simply clothes
Singapore requires people to walk a lot from one place to another. So, just wear your comfy shoes and simply clothes. Bring your minimalist bag to make your long walk comfortable.

Bargain wisely when buys products
You have to bargain wisely when you are in Chinatown or Bugis Street. Those places sell copies of brands or non-branded products which cost is very low. Put your smile on, stay polite, and bargain realistically.

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